Thi Dang Le M.S


Human Factors Psychology

A doctoral student studying in Human Factors Psychology with a desire to apply research to solve real-world problems, especially human performance, decision-making and safety issues.

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The product

MyChart is a mobile application that provides

patients with secure access to their medical records. With the app, patients can view their health summary and test results, communicate with doctors, schedule appointments, and renew prescriptions.

The problems

The information presented in the app was not user-friendly for older users. They had difficulty differentiating future and past appoinments. A message feature was also difficult to understand as the users did not know which messages were sent and which were received. Additionally, users also reported that it caused confusion when comparing their current results to previous results.

The Goal

Redesign the app so that everything looks simple, which everyone can understand and access easily, especially the older users.

The Responsibilities

I got information from users through interviews, online reviews, and literature. Came up with the main requirements and their solutions. Conducted a prototype using Figma and evaluation.

How Does Strategy Affect Self-Efficacy?

The Overview

This experimental study investigated the relationship between a strategy component and self-efficacy in the Risk Appraisal Framework (Barton et al., 2021).

The study found no statistically significant difference in the self-efficacy scores between the strategy and non-strategy conditions.

  • Participants were randomly assigned to either the strategy or non-strategy conditions.
  • In both conditions, participants were instructed to perform two simple physical tasks, namely a stepping task and a lateral pull-down task, and rate their self-efficacy before and after performing each task.
  • In the strategy condition, participants were allowed to use either the strategies suggested by the researcher or their own methods to complete the tasks.
  • Repeated measures ANOVA statistical tests were employed to analyze the effects within-subjects and between-subjects.
  • The study's limitations included the sample size and the imbalance in the sample size, with the non-strategy condition having almost twice as many participants as the strategy condition.
  • Future research should consider a larger sample size with an equal number of participants across both conditions.

The product

Over the past few years, electric vehicles have received more attention from people and have been widely using, especially Tesla’s electric vehicle model 3. The vehicle is not only distinguished by their distinctive design but is also known for having automatic driving modes.


There were six major issues that I addressed in the report: the complexity of the menu, information on the touchscreen, situation awareness, signal detection theory, and automation. These issues were analyzed mainly using three concepts including the SEEV model (Salience, Effort, Expectancy, Value), situation awareness, and signal detection theory. Concepts of cognitive load while multitasking, response time of the system corresponding to a driver’s commands, and system’s feedback were also used to interpreted other issues.

Impacts of incidental collaborative bimodal presentation on list recall

The overview

In this study we explore the effects of using bimodal format encoding on free recall performance in intermediate term memory.

We used a within-subjects design and ran repeated-measures ANOVA statistical test to check for ordered effects.

  • To control for variables and reduce complexity, this study focuses purely on the encoding task of a sequential list under two conditions of presentation.
  • In both conditions, the items to be recalled are presented as clear typological
  • English words presented with a background speaker narration, in audio only. In one condition, the words from the memory list incidentally coincide with the narrator’s speech, while in the second condition, the list words have zero incidence in the transcription.
  • The study found no significant difference between the number of words correctly recalled and the audio conditions.
  • The environment is a limitation in the effective control of the study conditions.
  • The study was completed via Qualtrics survey, disabling the researchers’ ability to control for improper procedures or errors in remote participation. Furthermore, the statistical power was quite small.
  • Future studies should have a larger size sample, and should include one other control condition to control for confounds.

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